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  1. Are google and iTunes going to be the only outlets MoPix is distributing to? Does MoPix have its own shopping cart like Film Baby did?

  2. Are the apple store and google play the only platforms for distribution or are they are others and if so what are they?

  3. Can Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices download the app?

  4. Can't login in to my publisher dashboard with my username and password

  5. Clarity on the Apple App Rating System

  6. Do I have to use a Facebook account to register/sign in?

  7. Do you support subtitles?


  9. Helping people discover content that is nearly impossible elsewhere in the video Publishing category. How are you solving this?

  10. How do I offer some of my content for free?

  11. How do I report a bug?

  12. I can't seem to download my content; it just plays when I click on the store link.

  13. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

  14. I just purchased a title and am having trouble downloading it, how do I download it?

  15. If I sold a film through MoPix, will you send me my source materials back?

  16. Is MoPix willing to reduce some of their backend percentage points for the addition of an upfront fee?

  17. Is there a Mopix sales icon image I can use to put on my own website to link to the my film's Mopix sales page?

  18. MoPix Technology

  19. My PDF file is too large. What do I do?

  20. Publisher profile update with payment information for paypal?

  21. Recommended Video Settings

  22. What about people that have already cancelled their digital distribution on Film Baby?

  23. What about people we were never able to reach in this process. Will their digital files still be sent to MoPix ?

  24. What are the benefits of buying a title through MoPix versus another platform?

  25. What are the costs?

  26. What are the distribution territories? US only or worldwide?

  27. What are the privacy protection issues?

  28. What are the specs for the featured images on the store homepage?

  29. What are your Terms of Service?

  30. What does "Gateway Rejected" mean?

  31. What is the best way to get my film output?

  32. What is the cut that will be taken out of the digital sales of the film once it is live on MoPix

  33. What is the cut that will be taken out of the digital sales of the film once it is live on MoPix?

  34. What is your refund policy?

  35. What selling price are digital films going be set at when they are live on iTunes/Google? The same price that they registered with on Film Baby.

  36. What should I include with the PDFs?

  37. What will happen to my film that I sold through MoPix once MoPix closes down?

  38. What’s the best bit rate?

  39. When will you export my content to me?

  40. Will I be able to access my content on multiple platforms?

  41. Will MoPix be informing customers that DVDs are no longer available through Film Baby and that they should check CD Baby? Maybe a message on the home page?

  42. Will this work internationally?

  43. Will you mail or otherwise send me a copy of content I've purchased?

  44. Will you send me DVDs of titles I've purchased?

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